Tran Duc Homes construction wood applied the most advanced technology in the world of processing and manufacturing of wood.


This is a perfect solution for architectural building with flexibility, diversity and sustainability in every detail. All of them are processed in several steps according to New Zealand standards, ensure no termites, decayed and adapted to the most harsh environmental conditions.

Highly flexible, durable wood components can completely replace steel or concrete in any building, ensure no warping or cracking. Not only that, wood grafts are light weight but high bearing capacity; Especially suitable for any shape, any length and any size as design required.


Combining our advanced technology in timber treatment and our wood manufacturing capacity Tran Duc Homes is able to provide the most all inclusive solution for wooden components ranging from doors, windows, cladding, lining, flooring, decking, etc. to large structure with no limit of size and shape.

Product’s highlights:

  • Various ranges of products
  • Different finishing colors
  • Customized dimension
  • Warranty of no termites and rottenness for life time


After years of research and application of advanced technologies in wood processing in developed countries, Tran Duc Homes has completed the flexible assembled solutions for Vietnam traditional cultural and satisfy the modern life in each house.

With the flexibility of design and the ingenious combination of different materials, creating the user-friendly space. This bungalow solution is suitable for resort, weekend house or convenient house, providing perfect solution for living space, with many luxury models, simple or lclassic traditional.Satisfy all standards in construction – design.

Pre-fab house builted in the factory before brought out for the project, faster completion rates with less working hours, reduce energy, materials use for design in the same location, suitable for all foundation & environment conditions.