In the United States, Europe or some Asian countries, bungalows have been popular for decades because of high usability and safety. With more than 17 years of experience in wood products export to many countries in the world, Tran Duc Homes has successfully developed the first line of wood products in Vietnam with many improvements to adaptable with Climate and lifestyle of Vietnamese. This is one of the important breakthroughs in housing architecture in Vietnam, meeting the needs of living space increasingly perfect living space of the Vietnamese.


We are associative with the Wood professional processing from New Zealand with 25 years experience, bringing the life expectancy over 50 years. Depend on the location required, the wood is treated at different levels to ensure suitable with all the toughest environmental conditions.


Tran Duc Homes grafted wood is applied the most advanced technology in the world in the processing and manufacturing of wood. This is a perfect solution for architectural project with flexibility, diversity and sustainability in every detail, meeting all international construction standards.

Glulam is made from laminated timber, which forms a solid structure, replacing steel or concrete structures, creating new attractive pattern. This product is especially suitable for environments with hot weather and high humidity. Because of these great capabilities, Glulam has created a unique feature that many other types of construction materials hard to compare, satisfy the aspirations of investors on both criteria is high class and uniqueness.


  • Life expectancy is high
  • No termites, decayed
  • Adaptable to all environmental conditions (including seawater)
  • Light weight, high strength, adapt international construction standards
  • Any shapes, any lengths and any sizes
  • Contribute to enhance the beauty of the work – friendly with the environment
  • Fire Limit: In the fire with a thick layer of coal outside of the structure to stop fire, allowing for effective firefighting, with time to evacuate safely. and with many layers of wood graft contributed very little to the fire.
  • Reliable linkage: withstanding great winds and safety in earthquakes.
  • Reasonable construction budge


When wood become the main building material, beyond the aesthetic and unique elements, architects and engineers also interested in durability as well as endurance. Glulam of TranDuc Homes is one of the new material that meet this requirement. It’s durability can replace both steel and concrete in construction and friendly with environment. Glulam wood can appy for conventional homes to large projects such as bridge, port, hall, stadium, industrial houses.